Best Vacuum For Tile Floors Reviewed

When dealing with a home that has pets, children, or just a constant smattering of dirt and fiber material or particulates, there are several of the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors. Some of the best vacuums for tile floors include stick version cleaners, while others may be cordless options for tile floors, and still, others are automated robots for tile or hardwood floors.

Some consumers want the best vacuum cleaner for a tile or hardwood floor because that is the main focus of the wear and collection of dirt in the home. While other consumers may want the versatility of the best product for tile and carpet. Luckily, this list breaks down some of the best vacuums for tile floors so that you can quickly and efficiently compare the qualities of brands and designs without having to go into the store to see them in person.

Since a vacuum cleaner for hardwood or ceramic or tile floor is the same as one for any other surface, you will want to research in depth before making this purchase. Some can cost as much as a few hundred dollars, while other ones are right around $100. This list will break down the pros and cons of each of the products for tile and hardwood floors and give unbiased information about price points and features of durability, suction power, weight, bin size, price, warranty, and various accessories.

Just because a vac is of a different design than others, doesn’t mean that it can’t be compared to others. Stick and robot versions are both bought with the same focus on features and power and price. This list will compare various products from different subcategories, because we know that the consumers we help want the largest range of information and research to work with before making purchasing decisions for large appliances that are costly, such as these.

However, not all features of these products are made equal. In several consumer reports, products with the strongest suction power were seen as the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors, with price and brand being distant second and third in consumers’ minds. Suction power and compared to price are important comparisons to be done when looking at the whole package of cleaners for tile floors and this list article will aim to illuminate the whole package for comparison when it comes to the best products.

Even though some products are made especially for pets and pet owners, we found that these products are mostly marketing. We focused on the advertised suction power and little else when summarizing our list of findings for these sticks, robots, and cordless cleaners. The strength of the best comes from the above-mentioned features, but also from the combination of those features.

The summaries in this list will spell out the features in plain language that you can understand and end each list item with a conclusion about the specific cleaner, possibly even comparing or analyzing its use, usefulness, and price point, to other models of cleaners for tile floors mentioned in this list.

Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviewed

Editor’s Choice Bissell ICONpet Cordless Stick
  • High Performance Motor
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Turbo Brush Tool
  • Reaches High Areas
  • Battery Does Not Hold a Long Charge
  • Loses Suction
Top Rated Meiyou 18000Pa
  • Easy to Clean
  • Strong Suction
  • HEPA Filter
  • Secure Locking Device
  • Difficult to Assemble
  • No Roller Brush
Budget Pick Hoover ONEPWR
  • 2 in 1 Floor Cleaner
  • Brush Roll is Microfiber
  • Cordless
  • Easily Rechargeable
  • Loses Suction
  • Retains Short Battery Life

Bissell ICONpet Cordless Stick

Bissel has been a leading name in wireless vacuum cleaners for tile floors for years and the ICONpet is one of the best stick cleaners. Some of the key features of this powerful option include a high-speed spinning brush head that is perfect for collecting hair from pets that litters your hardwood, tile, or porcelain floor.

Also, this is the best option for hardwood floors because it is a stick option with a built-in lithium battery that allows for maximum accessibility so that you are not anchored to a power outlet while working on cleaning up around your home. The added accessories of the Turbo Brush Tool and LED Lighted narrow attachment to make this an innovative and easy to transition piece of home cleaning equipment that gathers dust and hair, pet dander and dirt without so much as a transition pause.

The price point and brand name of Bissel make this a top choice for the best product for tile floors. It also has some of the best suction power with a motor that spins at over 400 miles per hour and that is powered by a 22-volt lithium rechargeable battery. All of this culminated in powerful suction and 3200 rotations per minute brush on the end of a quality product.

The wireless option for this stick vacuum cleaner, and the added bonus accessory of the handheld “duster”, both of which are intuitively cordless, make this an all-star of this list of the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors. You will pay for the versatility and power, as this product is several hundred dollars and can run at least a hundred dollars more than other models that are close in usefulness and power.

Also, Bissel has a great warranty for all of their products and also offers to make a charitable donation for saving the lives of abandoned pets with the proceeds of every purchase.

Meiyou 18000Pa

The Meiyou 1800Pa corded vacuum cleaner is ideal for its weight and price point. This is one of the best lightweight stick vacuum cleaners for tile floors because it can be used on dry or wet surfaces and has a stainless steel filter, making it designed to be incredibly durable. As with all corded cleaners, there is no worry about running out of battery right in the middle of your cleaning with the Meiyou 1800Pa.

The stick handle also cuts down on weight, making this a functional and fast-paced appliance for cleaning your entire home, not just a hardwood or tile floor. The detachable “duster” option is an added bonus accessory that makes it hard to clean crevices on tile floors able to be cleaned up in no time. The stainless steel filter is also waterproof and easy to clean after each use, making the final clean out effortless and virtually mess-less.

The best features of this stick corded cleaner for tile floors is the lightweight of the device and the swivel and function of the neck attached to the head of the vacuum cleaner. The swivel can articulate in one hundred and twenty degrees from side to side to get under hard to reach places like counter overhangs and can rotate the stick ninety-degree back and forth so that you can reach the hard to find places under furniture like couches or beds.

This is the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors because it is easy to maneuver. It may not have the biggest brand name or price tag associated to it, but the versatility and light weight design, as well as the great functionality of the hand-held duster and moderately strong suction power make this a great choice for the low price range options.

This lightweight, accessible option is one of the least expensive on this lis making it the bargain that holds up with a reasonable 600 watt power surge for functional suction and great accessibility on a budget.

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe

Hoover has been around as a leading name brand for vacuum cleaners for decades. The Hoover Floormate Deluxe takes the power of the traditional Hoover product and applies it to a more accessible and easy to clean bin design that has a great suction power for the moderate level of its price point.

The body of this product is bigger and bulkier than other stick ones and it is not cordless. However, this Hoover FloorMate Deluxe is made for the dirt, grime, hair, and everything else gross that comes with hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl floor. The dual tanks allow for warm and clean water to be sprayed and scribed into the floor and the power of the suction and scrubbing even allows for this one to clean the grout between tiles!

The added accessories of Clean Boost Control is a button on the vacuum’s handle that allows for more detergent to be sprayed down onto the floor in areas of extra dirtiness or high traffic. Take care of pet accidents that are left too long with the Clean Boost Control of the Hoover FloorMate and suck up any hair or dirt that is left behind by the microfiber scrubbing brushes.

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe is one of the best cleaners for tile floors because of its dry/wet design and because it scrubs for you with detergent, instead of merely using suction power to get loose grit. Scrubbing with soap on tile is the best way to clean, there is no doubt about that. Even wet messes can be scrubbed and cleaned with this cleaner making it the most versatile and most powerful cleaner for tile floors.

However, even though it is only 14 pounds and fairly easy to move around, it is a large-bodied vac and is not as accessible as the other one at its price range. You are paying for and lugging around extra weight for the ability to clean with the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors.

Coredy Robot

A list of the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors would hardly be complete with the best-automated robot cleaner for tile floors. Every consumer is looking for durability and power, and automation is an added bonus for those with busy schedules and no time to tidy up on a daily basis.

The Coredy Robot is a powerful and versatile option for those with cleaning needs on tile floors but without the time to clean consistently. With its durable design, the Coredy needs no cord(ironically!). It is the best robot vacuum cleaner for tile floors because of its accessory design and multiple settings that allow it to be programmed to fit the preference of the consumer on any given day.

Also, this is one of the only robot cleaners for tile floors that can easily transition between hardwood and throw rugs which may be scattered around the house and its way. The 1800PA suction power of the Coredy Robot makes it a powerful automated choice that is three times more powerful than other ones for tile floors on this list.

It is at the same price point as other mid-level options, but with its strong suction power and versatility as a multi-function programmable robot automated, it is a no brainer for those with little time on their hands.

The lithium rechargeable battery pack on the robot allows for 110 minutes of quiet cleaning time, at which point it retreats back to its charging station to get ready for its next session. Finally, the extra high-efficiency filter is made to be an ideal and the best cleaner for tile floors where pet dander and fur and hair will be found.

The filter will not be clogged by pet mess and can be easily cleaned after each use or after several uses, depending on the time frame and programming. Also, the programming is such that, depending on the messiness of the tile floors, the vacuum can clean different parts of the room, including automated edge cleaning, spot cleaning, auto whole room cleaning, and even a quiet mode where less power and noise are used to keep things tidy.